Another glue question

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Another glue question

Post by kayakolyte »

I recently acquired an old Jean Chauveau, or possibly a Nautiraid, sea kayak, probably from the early 1980's (there are no identifying labels, but the frame construction is almost identical to a known Chauveau slalom, which I have). I would like to do some repairs to the hull, but I can't be sure what the material is, e.g. Hypalon, PVC or something else. The hull is black and the material looks like a thicker PVC but somewhat more supple. I'm fairly certain it is not rubber. If I were to guess, I would say it is a French version of Hypalon, e.g. EDPM.

Would anyone know what material Chauveau may have used for the hull? Any suggestions for an adhesive to use in this situation? I've thought of using Aquaseal as a sort of universal adhesive, but would rather use something specific for the material.

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Re: Another glue question

Post by mje »

NRS suggests that Aquaseal, along with their Cotol accelerator/solvent, is a good adhesive for Hypalon, PVC, and several other materials. ... esives.asp
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Re: Another glue question

Post by ChrisO »


Did you try the acetone test on the hull material?
If the hull is hypalon, it should be unaffected, if PVC it will become sticky.
At least that is how it went on my Klepper AEII (hypalon) and Nautiraid (PVC).
Now, the PVC on my Nautiraid is very supple, and has the characteristic PVC plasticizer smell.


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