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Strengthening frame with resin and sewing hull

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 2:19 am
by JohnnyT

I noticed there are few spots on my Klepper kayak on the kern board and on the gun wales where small cracks have appears and the wood is bending. I am thinking of applying some epoxy / resin over these spots to strengthen these spots, in order not to be able to bend anymore along the cracks and not enlarge the cracks. What epoxy can you guys recommend? Ideally something cheap. I dont want to spend $50 for gallons of epoxy

Also, anyone can recommend where I can buy thread for sewing the hull onto the deck? I have a few spots 2-3 inches long which I want to repair. The current thread seems to be polyester and pretty thick - probably as thick as 1mm. Any suggestions where I can find such white thread?

Re: Strengthening frame with resin and sewing hull

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:41 am
by arcprof
Epoxy resin by itself has little strength although it is excellent at sealing out water. Cracks in the thin ply squares that hold various alloy plates, tougues etc are common on old Kleppers. Beefing up the ply csn be done by gluing another piece of ply to the original but often there are issues with room to fit against other parts. Laminating using fibreglass mat is another method i have used. It all depends on where the cracks are. I suggest you add some photos.
Strong sewing thread can be sourced from sailmakers or canvas/marine upholsterers. Marine shops may have sail repair kits with thread and needles that will do the job.
Cheers Jim

Re: Strengthening frame with resin and sewing hull

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 6:29 pm
by JohnnyT
Thanks for your reply. Upon reviewing again I thought also that gluing another piece of ply on top of the keel board ply with crack will the best option rather than just put epoxy on top.

Where can I source this hard birch wood that is being used for these kayaks?

I am thinking of replacing the small plates on the gun wales which are by the hinges with aluminum or stainless steel. All 4 of them by the hinges have either cracks or are about to crack so I am thinking stronger material there would prevent from cracking again. Any thoughts?

Also, do you guy know what grade the thread is that is used for sewing the hull? I see some of 1mm being sold, some of 0.7mm , some indicate them as v207 - v210 etc so I am somewhat confused but it looks like the thread could well be as fat as 1mm