Fraud Feathercraft Posters on Craiglist

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Fraud Feathercraft Posters on Craiglist

Post by ChickenRx »

Hi All,
Being the penultimate Feathercraft addict, I routinely peruse Craigslist for possible "deals" (using There is a chronic poster lurking there under the guise of "my husband is sick and here is the list of (high end) boats I have for sale". The poster always uses an AOL address. Being bored one day I tried pursuing a "purchase" of one of these "deals". I always got answers to my emails, but could never nail down where I could see the boat for further inspection. "Oh yes, I posted this in Charlotte, but I live in Fort Lauderdale now....yada, yada, yada" Anway, I've found that the poor soul who's husband is sick lives, alternatively, in Charlotte, Greensboro, San Francisco, Cleveland (!), Fort Lauderdale, etc. My motto, if you can't see it, talk to the owner on the phone, verify serial numbers with the great folks at Feathercraft......... then it's probably a scam. Just thought I'd pass this on to anyone looking for that $500 2005 K1!
Safe paddling to all,


Post by nohoval_turrets »

All that travelling with a sick husband and a bunch of high-end kayaks. Some folks have it tough.

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Post by Paul »

Thanks for the tip.

You have many K1s. Do you have a favorite? Do you prefer the K1 over the Kahuna?
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Which Boat

Post by ChickenRx »

Hi Paul,
Honestly, my oldest K1 (1990) with the built-in, zip-up spray skirt is the most comfortable to paddle in. I'm 6', 215lbs and the Big Kahuna is a bit snug for me and my size 12 (US) feet! The Big K is a great boat however. Much quicker to assemble than any of the K1's and at least 15 lbs. lighter. For longer camping trips I prefer the size of the K1, but for a short day paddle, I generally take the Big K. Hope this helps.
Safe paddling,


Post by Alm »

[Kahuna] at least 15 lbs. lighter. For longer camping trips I prefer the size of the K1, but for a short day paddle, I generally take the Big K.
Ditto. Kahuna (or Big) is OK to assemble for day paddle, - if it's not too hot on the beach ;-) . Anything taking longer or more efforts doesn't work for day paddle. K1 with newer skin (post-2002?) should be no more than 15 lbs heavier than Kahuna. Older K1 with Hypalon hull must be somewhat heavier.


More Feathercraft Fraud Attempts

Post by jeffreyraleigh »

Apparently the same guy/gal is still at it. I noticed a blatent fraudulant attempt at selling some Feathercrafts on Craig's list this past weekend. He/she didn't know one from the other and would not give his/her name. Both boats way underpriced but this time the person ACTUALLY FOUND some real pictures of Feathercrafts. So, as always, beware.


Post by kayakamper »


Glad to hear you've had the Kahuna out this winter! Sorry it is not a perfect fit. I too have big feet ( size 12's ) but usually go bare foot or use aqua sox.

Just did a three day two night paddle trip in North Fla. The Big Kahuna packed all I needed, but a longer trip would have been snug indeed.


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