Folbot Cooper quality issues.

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Re: Folbot Cooper quality issues.

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gbellware wrote:Going out on a limb here, but I don't think Folbot has any bearing on Evaloy's marketing success. Like Hypalon, Evaloy is an environmental membrane developed for specific properties, some of which happen to make it a suitable hull membrane. But Dupont must sell millions of square feet of this to the environmental and construction industry. The entire fleet of Folbots probably uses less square feet per production year that is used to cover a decent sized commercial building's roof. I am guessing that Folbot just went with Evaloy because it was the "new-new" hypalon. Just my $.02.
That's another entirely plausible line of reasoning as well. It seems like the trend is towards polyurethane, so maybe Folbot thought that they needed a 'new' hull material to keep pace.

I have to think there was another cost-effective material of comparable durability that is more repairable. It'll be interesting to get perspectives in the future as the Evaloy boats have been used and more extensively. Right now there are probably so few Evaloy Folbots out there that very few have needed repairs yet.

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