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Rudder Lift Line Modification (w/ pics)

Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 1:33 pm
by codewheeney
(I also posted this over on the folbot forum, but though it might be useful here, too)

I'm a new Kodiak owner (bought the 2004 model used about a three weeks ago now). I didn't particularly care for the lift line for the rudder, and I really liked what I had seen on my buddies Longhaul folder.

I also wanted to have a bit quicker install of the rudder, so I made a lift line similar to the Longhaul, using swivels and steel leader line from the local fishing supply shop, thin marine rope, and a peice of PVC from my collection of spare parts for my household sprinkler system.

The system uses the rope, looped through the PVC, to "Lock" the rudder up (but not flipped up and over like the stock lift line) when out of the water, and can be released by just twisting a bit on the PVC handle. The leaders allow me to leave the rope lift line on the boat when disassembled, as well as allowing the steel line to twist and not kink between the mount on the rudder and the top of the support post.

Here are some pictures (click to go to my website for bigger versions):

The rudder in the raised position


Detail of the connection to the rudder. The leader should be clipped shut, I was screwing around with it and forgot to clip it. The system is very low stress, so this doesn't affect operation in calm water.


Here's the connection between the leader and the lift line, just a pair of leaders make connection quick


Here's the cockpit, and the PVC "lock" that holds the rudder up. I had tried a dowel, but it didn't lock in place tighly, while the hollow PVC locks very securely with just the tension on the rope. I'll either paint it or put some shrink wrap on it, now that it works well.


And here's the rudder released and in the water


Detail of the leader laying loose, the rudder works normally when released


Here's the lock when released. I usually tuck it under the deck line to keep it out of the water, and I tighten it up gentle like just to keep the lift line from flopping around


And here's the lift line, stowed for disassembly


I'm pretty happy with the system, although I might make a mod to the support post. I'd love to have a new one fabricated with a roller bearing rather than just the metal hole in which the cable runs, but that would be just for the bling factor.

Thoughts, suggestions for further mods? What color should I paint the lock :-)


Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 9:37 am
by Romainpek
Nice work !

I'd vote for red (black would match your other kayak parts but might get too hot in summer)