Cooper Seam Sealing

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Cooper Seam Sealing

Post by desertPaddler »

Hi all

I've posted a blog on sealing the hull/deck seam of a Cooper.
It's on my website at http://sunburntandinneedofashave.blogsp ... -seam.html.

I'd appreciate and constructive comments!


Re: Cooper Seam Sealing

Post by Alm »

It was probably Mineral Spirit that you used for cleaning the surface, not Acetone. (or it should've been mineral spirit). I would've tried a milder solvent yet - like Methanol (camping stove alcohol). Acetone dissolves permanent coats like paint and some solid polymers, but there is usually no such kind of contamination on the folder deck (and Acetone stinks too much).


Re: Cooper Seam Sealing

Post by desertPaddler »

Alm wrote:It was probably Mineral Spirit that you used for cleaning the surface ...... (and Acetone stinks too much).
Hi Aim

The stuff I usually buy from the local hardware store says 'White Spirits' on the label, so if mineral spirits and white spirits are the same thing then you're probably spot on, as I said in the blog it was quite a while back and I can't exactly remember which I used.

I like the smell of acetone!

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Re: Cooper Seam Sealing

Post by krudave »

I believe the solvent of choice for cleaning prior to seam sealing is alcohol, either straight isopropyl or denatured ethyl alcohol. Here are McNett's recommendations for their Seam Grip: ... -P133.aspx

"White spirits" is a Brit term, I think, and is also known as Stoddard's solvent. Here's Wikipedia on that: It is closest to "mineral spirits," aka paint thinner, although the degree of refining greatly affects the properties of what you can buy as paint thinner. Stoddard's solvent is highly refined, and was a common dry cleaning solvent up through the 1950's, replacing highly toxic carbon tetrachloride somewhere back there.

To my nose, ordinary run paint thinner really reeks. There is an odorless version available which is quite olfactorially innocuous. Acetone is pungent but sweet for me, and denatured alcohol I find really obnoxious.
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