My Folbot Cooper

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My Folbot Cooper

Post by BlackCooper »

Hi All
I just posted a short recap of my experience with the Cooper since I got it
a few months ago.
I just came back with it from a trip to Israel and a week of paddling the Medeterenean and
The Sea of Galilee.
I found the kayak very fun to paddle and quite capable
i will defenitely take it with me on Future Trips.
I own 9 other hardshell boats from WW to Surf Ski and this one is quite unique.
Enjoy 8)

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Re: My Folbot Cooper

Post by DLee »

Nice little slide show. I've always liked the look of the Cooper and the black color of yours really looks pretty sweet. Thanks for the pics.

How do you fare in keeping up with those hardshells?

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Re: My Folbot Cooper

Post by john allsop »

Nice to see your Cooper, this should be a good add for Folbot, good looking boat, nice size cockpit, easy to roll, and i am sure you can easily keep up, in fact keep up is the wrong term as you will be on a par with hardshells. Please send us your comments.

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