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Old Super question

Post by bdokter »

Hey all,

I just got a great deal on an old Super in very good shape. There had been some damage to to some of the wooden parts but they had been expertly fixed. I will have to do a little work on the skin.

My question is this: when did Folbot go from wood to aluminum stingers? Mine has the wood dowel stingers. The guy I got it from said from the early 1960's but was not sure.

Thanks for your help.

B Dokter

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Re: Old Super question

Post by flatwater »

If by "stringers" you mean the longerons - the pieces that run from bow to stern - they were always wood on the rigid boats (TSP and TSK)). Aluminum longerons were found only in the folder (TSF).

The crossframes were wood in all models until the end of the Super in 1990 when the GII was introduced.
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