Help identifying paddles

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Help identifying paddles

Post by sergey »

When I bought my GII second-hand, it came with two wooden paddles. I ended up buying modern plastic paddles, and never used these.
More recently a kayaking friend pointed out that they are much too long to be kayak paddles (about a foot too long, it seems).
So what are they? And are they really from Folbot? Or did someone simply put Folbot decals on the blades?

Let me know if you have any clues.
Also, I am thinking of selling them. What might they be worth, if anything?

Many thanks.

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Re: Help identifying paddles

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

I'm certainly no expert on Folbot, but I have seen paddles similar to that. In fact, if you google "Folbot wooden paddles" you will see a couple of images of similar ones, though with black lettering rather than red.

I have noticed that the paddles that came with old folders (like pre-1970's) seem to generally be much longer than what we use today -- 8' and even near 9' is not uncommon (which would be 245 cm and 275 cm). The old Folbots tended to be quite wide and deep and people needed a longer paddle to avoid banging their knuckles on the gunwales.
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Re: Help identifying paddles

Post by flatwater »

Kerry is right on.
When the Super was the Folbot of greatest popularity back before 1990, the factory paddles were in fact 8' to 9' long for exactly the reasons Kerry states.

I see them listed on ebay all the time. Some people think they are worth enormous amounts of money as the are "antique". Others realize they are just old wooden paddles that aren't much use even on an old Super as high angle paddling is much more efficient.

The old approach to paddling a Super was very laid back and leisurely. A long paddle worked OK for that.
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Re: Help identifying paddles

Post by BillTexHoyt »

I know this was a many years old post but if you still have those paddles I'd be interested

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Re: Help identifying paddles

Post by Hotshotrod »

BillTexHoyt, if you are still trying to locate a 106” Flobot kayak paddle, I have a new one, I am not sure how to contact you, my phone # is 541-580-1164. Rod

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