deck repair

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deck repair

Post by wroundey »

I have an older Greenland (1997 or so) that my dad passed along to me. I am selling it because I have no room for it and none of my kids want it. I have a local buyer, but he is concerned about Folbot's demise and being able to get parts. I have a couple spots on the deck where it has rubbed against the top tube and created small holes in the deck material. Is there a preferred way to patch these thin spots?

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Re: deck repair

Post by mje »

Small holes can be patches with a dab of Aquaseal or urethane sealer like Goop. . Larger ones can be patched with coated polyester fabric, optionally sewn and glued with more Aquaseal.
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Re: deck repair

Post by lisafrederic »


What are the best things to carry for repair on my G2 on a long trip? A particular Aquaseal? What/where can you get "coated pollster".
Anyone have luck in finding the correct size aluminum for splints?
Any advice is soooooooo appreciated!
I bought an older G2 - should I coat the bottom with something? It came with two mysterious half full bottles...


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Re: deck repair

Post by GrnMtns »

I have been using black gorilla tape as needed on the newer G2 Evaloy hull material .Seems to hold on well ~Like a Gorilla!

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