Longeron connections and frame notches

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Longeron connections and frame notches

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I’ve got a Folbot Aleut. After a few uses, I became aware of the fact that my hull was not stretched tightly near the fore and aft crossmembers, A & C. I could push my longerons out of their notches easily. In fact, they would sometimes pop out unexpectedly. I didn’t like the idea of strapping them in place with Velcro or something like that, so I took a different approach. I decided to relocate the longeron notches outboard to tighten the skin.

These adjustable notch plates are made of ½” acetal. The crossframes are shimmed with 3/16 acetal that is glued on with Aquaseal to provide a flat surface for clamping the notch plates.

At the same time, I made some inserts for the ends of my longerons to help me align them while I was assembling the frame. I cut ¼” off the ends of the forward longerons. The inserts have a 1/8” wide shoulder. The extra 1/8” that I cut off just made them easier to connect. The inserts have a tapped hole down the center that makes them easier to remove if I need to do that. They are made of ¾” diameter acetal and go into the tubing ends (tight fit) about ¾”.
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Re: Longeron connections and frame notches

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Very impressive. Really much of a Folbot can be fabricated or improved with some time and thought. Its the hull that remains the toughest part. Someone is going to reverse engineer it at some point :)

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Re: Longeron connections and frame notches

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A fella in England is producing new skins/hull when one sends him the frame

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