replacing longerons

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replacing longerons

Post by frankhorowitz »

Okay, one of my longerons is fused together. Not end of world but...Has anyone replaced tubing? What size works? Or Is "shock corded" tubing available?
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Re: replacing longerons

Post by gkudaka »

Did you ever find an answer to this question?

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Re: replacing longerons

Post by lkampf »

When that happened to one of the longerons in my kiawah (daily paddles in salt water and leaving it set up for extended periods), I was able to get it apart with some work. I clamped the longeron in a vice with rubber padding for grip and use vice grips (and again thin rubber) and LOTS of T9, light hammer taps and no small amount of patience to gentle work the pieces apart.

Failing that, I suppose you could saw them apart and use a sleeve to reconnect them.



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Re: replacing longerons

Post by mje »

If you need to replace or repair a tube. Metals by Mail and other on line suppliers has plain and anodized tubing of the appropriate sizes. Folbot used anodized 6063-T832 alloy with a .035” wall. Feathercraft used 6061-T6.
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Re: replacing longerons

Post by DavisD »

No need for all that..I was lucky enough to be given a boathouse storage membership as a gift and stored my Cooper there for a year. I paddled a lot and rinsed with fresh water after every trip but nonetheless after the membership ran out and I was disassembling her my entire keel was corroded and would not come apart. After scouring the forum I found an entry elsewhere suggesting heating up the tubing around where the insert fits into the tube next to it. I rotated each over a gas burner atop our kitchen stove then rinsed it in cold water. It took a few times on some but it worked like a charm.
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