Folbot Kit Kayak circa 1980

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Folbot Kit Kayak circa 1980

Post by SuzetteWV »

Hello all... I’m new to this forum. Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about kayaks in general. Though I do not have a folding kayak... I did just purchase a Folbot Kit Kayak built around 1980. It’s about 15’ long. I was told this skin is vinyl so I want to be sure I clean it with the proper product. Also... some of the reinforcement vinyl edges are lifting. Is there a special glue I should use to get it to lay back down or if I ever need to repair? Thank you!

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Re: Folbot Kit Kayak circa 1980

Post by bseese »

I won't be much help on the best cleaner, but as for the adhesive I have found RH Adhesives HH-66 to be the best: ... 6551&psc=1

Hope this helps!

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