Questions from a new Folbot owner

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Questions from a new Folbot owner

Post by Kitegirl25 »

I just inherited my grandpa’s folbot. It has been suggested to me that it looks like a 17 foot Super TSF. My dad says my grandpa got it in the 60s. It’s been sitting unused at my parents house for a couple years, and we finally dug it out of storage and got it out on the water today. The good news is that it still floats and we had a great time.
I am looking for any care advise to keep this boat in good condition.
There are several seams where the stitching is coming undone. Is there an adhesive anyone could suggest to fix these?
Also, how about the best kind of patch material for the damage on the bottom?
Any suggestions for a cleaner and/or conditioner for the outside.
Any advise would be lovely.
Thank you!
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Re: Questions from a new Folbot owner

Post by HoosierPaddler »


My experience is with the newer Folbots. I hope some of the others will chime in with their thoughts.

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Re: Questions from a new Folbot owner

Post by chappco »

I have to apologize, as I too am a newer FOLBOT owner, but I have a great respect for the Forum and I want to learn everything that comes back to you Sir.


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Re: Questions from a new Folbot owner

Post by bseese »

I might be able to help but I need to understand better what condition the hull is in. It appears to be very discolored. It may need a thorough cleaning but it might also need to be painted. When we cleaned my hull we initially used a product supplied by our local marine supply. It was virtually useless so we returned it. We finally used a product called "Totally Awesome Cleaner with Bleach" that we found at a local dollar store. It actually did a good job but still required a great deal of elbow grease. Once we had cleaned the entire hull it looked good but it still had a background color that looked like mildew. So we finally resorted to a mixture of bleach and cleanser (Comet) and a lot additional elbow grease and it finally came back to its original color. None of this seems to have affected its water resistance.

Hope this helps! Let me know how things go!

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Re: Questions from a new Folbot owner

Post by john allsop »

It seems you were able to clean the hull. I would have suggested warm water with mild detergent and plenty of elbow grease plus lots of time and if it cleaned the hull finish with plain water. You could have tried a hull cleaner from one of the flexable boat dealers. Patches, I suppose the covering is a type of pvc. If folding kayak dealers are not able to help look on the web sites of inflatable boat dealers, they usually have adhesives and patching materials for the different materials used. The keel strip looks like it needs replacing but going round the bow and stern will be tricky, you could leave the existing on and cover with Gorilla Tape, a couple of layers and see how it stands up. I have found Gorilla tape to be pretty good but cheaper alternatives poor.

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