Newbie to Folbots - two wheelie

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Newbie to Folbots - two wheelie

Post by Simnal »

I inherited a Folbot from my dad. It has a lot of cool extra pieces.

We have tried to move the kayak using the two wheeled cart but are convinced that we aren’t doing it right. Putting the cart in the center of the kayak doesn’t seem to work. Someone suggested to us yesterday that it goes at the back of the kayak?

Any tips on moving this heavy kayak with the wheelie?

Thank you.

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Re: Newbie to Folbots - two wheelie

Post by Arrow71 »

I dont know about this "wheelie" thing; but I have an outfit manufactured in New Zealand for Kayaks and it straps to the rear quarter of the boat, I lift up the nose, and off I go…………..Good luck

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Re: Newbie to Folbots - two wheelie

Post by GrnMtns »

Folbot made a two wheel cart for their boats. They all work the same. Place in center of boat and lash fore and aft arms from one side of cart frame to the other over washboards with two long kayak straps. This keeps the cart centered and securely held under boat. Try this vid:
Good luck!

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Re: Newbie to Folbots - two wheeliet

Post by mje »

The cart is best placed to one side of the balance point, maybe a foot or so off center, so there’s a little weight on the end you’re pulling. It’s similar to how a trailer should be balanced.

The Folbot supplied cart is not a favorite of mine. My favorite is the Perception, the latest version of which has foam wheels that can’t go flat.
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Re: Newbie to Folbots - two wheelie

Post by john allsop »

I have a few carts and they all work well. I have never seen the Folbot one except in their adds. I found the best place for the cart is towards the back as then I could walk into the lake and just the back end would be on the beach making it easy to launch when the sails and outriggers were in place, after of course unstrapping the kayak and lifting it off when the cart would fold and fall down. If alone I don,t like carts that have no supporting arm which holds the cart up until the kayak is on. Straps must usually be tight or the cart can fold when being moved, even for a short distance. On the sea things can be different as the tide might be coming in or going out. I prefer an incoming tide so I can set up further up the beach, assemble the sails and outriggers then sit in the kayak and wait for the tide to reach me.

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