Rescued Old Folbot - But What is it?

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Re: Rescued Old Folbot - But What is it?

Post by john allsop »

The frame looks to be in excellent condition. If you can tell us the length and width of the frame and I suppose the skin, this might help. A long time user of Folbots might be able to give a possible date for the frame as it has lightening holes in the bow piece. I don,t know of anyone who makes replacement skins for Folbots, Although there could be a market. But you can make one as this is well worth doing and there will be info available to help. Another more experienced member might be able to give better assistance.

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Re: Rescued Old Folbot - But What is it?

Post by naedr »

Looks like a really old Super (if that is what they were called at that time) made while Folbot was still in New York. I believe I saw some where in an older post a short rundown on when some of the changes were made over the years. I seem to remember a comment about the ladder floor construction. Can't remember just which post. I know it can take some time to go through all of the old posts. To bad we don't have some type of summary of the changes over the years and an easy way to find the summary.

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Re: Rescued Old Folbot - But What is it?

Post by flatwater »

It's a really old folding Super. What would later be called a TSF but it predates that designation.
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