Advice for an Aleut repair

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Advice for an Aleut repair

Post by patrick2001 »

Hi Everyone,
The Hypalon on my 90s-era Aleut split at the seam at the bow. It's well above the water line just below the plastic cap. When assembled and stretched this split is about 1 cm wide x 5 cm long and follows the seam where the port and starboard sections meet beneath the aluminum keel strip. I have removed the keel strip and am wondering what the best method of repair might be. I attempted to stitch it back together but it immediately tore when I cantilevered the frame together. I have some spare hypalon for a patch and wonder:

1) what's the best but also most affordable glue I can use (I'm frugal)? Basically, can I get away with something other than Clifton's? And, is glue even the best way to go?
2) given that it split under pressure I assume the skin has shrunk a bit, so should I build in some "slack" in the patch? If so, thoughts on the best way of determining how much? I can try and patch it while assembled eliminating this question but it seemed easier to do so when it was out of the frame.

Thankfully, it's more of an aesthetic issue at the moment but I don't want the split to expand and in heavy seas I definitely take on water already.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Re: Advice for an Aleut repair

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

Poly Marine is what is recommended for Hypalon -- the more common vinyl adhesives like H-66 are not suggested for long-term repairs as they don't bond as well. It's not cheap but no sense wasting money on cheaper materials that won't adhere. ... 01_007_513
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