Made a rudder pedal

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Made a rudder pedal

Post by bigdog »

Decided to make my own rudder pedals for my 1991 GII. Yes I could have just bought some side mounts. But thought I'd make something similar to the center pivot type of the aluminum cross ribs from the last GII as opposed to the original side mount.

I just screwed some strap type pipe supports to the FRP cross members and used a hard plastic high pressure 3/4 pipe as the vertical. Cut a large plastic cutting board to an appropriate shape as the one piece pedal.

So far it is working just fine.

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Re: Made a rudder pedal

Post by Caspar »

Show us pictures pls. :)

For my cooper I have ordered something cheap from china: ... 2749.l2649

If its low quality I might rework it too. Also, if it doesn't fit.

I usually dont order from China, but everything else is way too expensive for me. :roll:

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