Cooper Rudder Kit? - especially gudgeon

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Cooper Rudder Kit? - especially gudgeon

Post by lkampf »

Greetings All,

I have an older Cooper (2009ish) with no rudder. I typically paddle it in CO happily without, but I'll be moving to Croatia soon and want a rudder for cruising the adriatic. Thought I'd try here before going through the effort to fabricate/adapt a system.

The gudgeon seems to be the hard part, sometimes called a block frame, the piece on the stern the rudder post mounts to. Everything else seems fairly obtainable from other manufacturers. I could fabricate one out of UHMW, but my to do list is long and I'd rather paddle. :)

Anyone have a complete kit or gudgeon they're willing to let go of?

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Re: Cooper Rudder Kit? - especially gudgeon

Post by scotjack »

Hello Lawrence.

When you make it to Croatia, make time for a trip over the border to Montenegro, and bring your boat.
I have three Folbots there - Greenland, Aluet and Cooper. I also have an Atlyak, which is surprisingly good. (Soon to be two when I finish repairing the hull of another.)

We have an apartment overlooking in a very sheltered bay on the Adriatic with a spectacular blue lagoon a good paddle-distance away. (Also the home of my GK49 if you're into sailing.) Our main house is deep in boka kotorska, where you could spend weeks paddling, and still only see a fraction.

I may also have a Cooper rudder kit - I can't remember - I have a couple, plus one for my Greenland when I finally fit my upwind sail kit. Unless you're planning to add a sail (do they have one for the Cooper?) I don't know if a rudder is worth the extra complication and weight. Heading into a quarter wind, perhaps, but only then.

I will be in Montenegro from early March, probably through September. Other paddlers welcome too!

Jack Charity

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