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 Post subject: new owner of old K-light
PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2014 11:59 am 
Hello, I am a new member in Southern California. I have a lot of paddling experience, but none of it in a sit-inside, let alone a folding kayak. Actually, I paddled a carbon K1 a few times, but that was a long time ago (talk about fast!). I have been thinking about getting into kayak touring, saw this folder on CL and went for it. The boat is a late 90's K-Light (plus?) and I cannot find the serial #. There is a hang tag just aft of the cockpit, but it looks like the # has faded away. It has a teal deck with a rear hatch. $400 with no sea sock, spray skirt or pack. Got the boat home and started to clean it out. Deck, hull, fiberglass coaming and rear hatch look good. Sponsons hold air. It had not been disassembled in a while. A few hours later and some skinned knuckles, I had the frame apart. Massive amounts of aluminum oxide on most of the lower tubes. Looks like the PO didn't even rinse it out after paddling. Two rivet spacers (white) were broken off, but it looks like I can get them from FC. Easy to replace? During this process, my thoughts changed from getting a new toy to rescuing this neglected boat and bringing it back to life. Heading to the store to buy some Boeshield T9. Need to purchase sea sock and spray skirt. Do I have to buy a FC spray skirt or are there less expensive ones that will fit? I have been researching waterproofing the deck and sealing the seams, which will take place once I get it back together. Also need to replace the deck shock cords. Perimeter rigging and bow line are good. Any tips, advice and/or encouragement welcome! Thanks for reading.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 06, 2014 9:29 pm 
I remember seeing a spray skirt listed by Snap dragon to fit the k light.I would sugest a tent seam sealer by? availble at Rei for the seams,I, ve used it on windsurf sails without problem.I dont use my sea sockor spray skirt, instead I use two inflatable floatation bags,I,m still at a novice paddling level more of a gear head.The bigest problem I can see is the aluminume corrosoion, I would suggest paying paticulare attention to the resistance put up when disassembleing to access the degree of fusion at the joints to determine if the boshield is effective.I currently use a white grease at the joints due to its more detectable nature, I also avoid sand, dirt and salt contaimination and keep a watchfull eye on those joints after reading the bad experiances with fused joints. I!m currently assesing the weak points of my 13 year old k light which are confined to bulkhead brittleness cracking and sponson punctures.Nothing replaced yet with new componets only repairs.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 07, 2014 12:19 pm 
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It looks like you got a good deal on your K-Light Plus especially since you were able to get the frame completely disassembled without taking a hacksaw to it. The kind of seam sealer used to waterproof tent seams worked well enough when I used it on the K-L that I owned before buying a new Kurrent 2. It will stain the deck fabric so you might want to turn the boat inside out before applying it though this will make the task more difficult. My K-Light was a 1999 model and the deck fabric was no longer waterproof but the slight seepage encountered wasn't really much of a problem and I never tried any of the products that are supposed to make fabrics like the Duratech deck material waterproof. Biggest problem I had with the boat was with deck material shrinkage that made assembly difficult even after soaking the fabric which permitted it to stretch a bit. On the other hand, when I got it put together, the deck was drum tight :). I would also second the suggestion to upgrade to the newer seat; the inflatable lumbar support is very comfortable and I found that a puff or two of air in the inflatable seat elevates my butt a little higher than my heels which seems to make a positive difference in the efficiency of my paddle stroke. You might also want to check out the foot support that FC uses in the Kurrent and Aironaut. It's very simple and allows you to keep your feet close together with knees slightly bent making for a more naturally powerful stroke, a bit like when you're paddling a surfski. The FC spray skirt is made by Snap Dragon but Seals also makes a skirt that will fit the K-Light. Good luck with your "new" boat!

PostPosted: Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:31 am 
I was able to fix the riveted white spacers. It was very easy. I saved the actual white spacer by grinding off the old rivet on both sides and punching out what was left in the middle. A new rivet and it was good as new. I put the boat back together and went for a quick paddle. The kayak performed well. The skin is nice and taught, but I will be sealing the seams and spraying something on the deck. The seat was pretty comfortable, but I was not too impressed with the foot rests. I am not sure if the boat is big enough for some over night/multi day trips, or I will have to pack very light. Thanks for the responses and I will be looking into all the accessories.

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