Turning the hull inside out

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Turning the hull inside out

Post by DLee »

I possibly discovered a new way to turn the hull inside-out yesterday while packing my T9 away for the winter.

The frame always sticks to the rubber something terrible in this boat, especially when it's been left assembled for any length of time. In this case it's been assembled since the spring. I put canvas inside the hull between the frame and rubber to help prevent the sticking but still needed to tie a line from the hull to a tree while I (as delicately as brute force allows) pry, separate, gentleman and pull the frame out of the hull. This worked to release the bow section but it didn't work for the stern.

So I stood the boat up on it's end, stern down. and started peeling the hull down the frame. This actually worked great and turned the hull nearly completely inside out very easily before I was able to release it from the frame. A good technique to remember if ever needed. Keep in mind that the rubber hull is very flexible, not sure this would work as fabulously with the hypalon, but I would try it before the laborious traditional method.

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Re: Turning the hull inside out

Post by chrstjrn »

On my T12 I disassembled inside the ends and then pulled the pieces out one-by-one.
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Re: Turning the hull inside out

Post by calinsuteu »

Well, on my T65 I had to do both, to some extent. It is a problem, I wish there were a better solution, my skin is not what it used to be and I feel that this is too much stress... Best wishes, Calin

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Re: Turning the hull inside out

Post by john allsop »

If a large plastic garbage bag is put over the assembled end sections before inserting them into the skin then these are easy to take out. On taking out the end sections the bags can and do get torn but even then they last for a number of assemblies. Some people dust the inside of the skin with "talcum" powder and they say this helps, but i have never tried it. The plastic bags do work, at least they do on my Yukon where the end assemblies stuck all the time.

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