Flotation bags & MK2

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Re: Flotation bags & MK2

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Sounds like a good winter project.
Did you need additional hardware? 3/4 ply attacked with a belt sander or would a laminate made with a pile of 3/16 be better Most important, did it help?

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Re: Flotation bags & MK2

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Alex wrote:Flotation and Dry bags
Does one need floatation bags on a LHM2? Maybe not. Their purpose is not so much to keep you afloat as to avoid letting that much water in. I’ve had inadvertent jibs with the kayak sailor 1.6 with no mishaps in 3 foot waves. With larger sail rigs like the one Dlee uses it would be a different matter. But is probably not, good enough? By that logic you probably don’t need a PFD either?
On a camping trip I find there is never enough room. Stuffing things you don’t need on the water (sleeping bags) into the very bow or stern is not easy nor is fishing them out again. I use the large Klepper combination flotation dry bags. When out for a day sail they are filled with air. When on a camping trip they are filled with smaller bags but iI find it easer to pack up the bow and stern using them as a kind of funnel. If there is stuff I need during the trip, I leave them open. it does not really matter if the area is filled with air or stuff. That is what I meant by no down side. You will still want smaller dry bags of course.
Having the space filled with anything but water means, in fact, flotation...:)

I would not consider flotation bags as important as PFDs. We never use flotation bags, yet we never leave shore without PFDs.

When time is extremely important, loading or unloading, in the surf, or at night, open (zippered) decks seem to work best.

Like I said, Frank should decide based on his own level of comfort. After all, feeling safe on the water is what matters.

Happy paddles/sails..
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Re: Flotation bags & MK2

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Alex, I did make an extended lee board, but like John mine came out too wimpy. So wimpy in fact that I haven't even bothered trying it yet. I used a 5 or 6mm marine ply - just a hair thicker than 1/4" I think, and it's not enough. I think John's correct in thinking that 3/4 inch will be about the right thickness. I think the key for plywood is the number of layers. I have a broken piece on my T9 that is probably less than 3/4" but has 9 layers of ply. This would work fine for the board but I haven't found any locally yet. I'm actually thinking of making the next attempt out of a solid wood so that I can shape it with a hand plane. I used an orbital sander for my first one and it took forever. A belt sander would certainly go faster but I don't own one of those.

There's a place in Norwalk called the ' the woodworkers club.' They have a workshop upstairs that you can rent time in - and the tool selection is very impressive.

Thanks for sending me that pic from Tahoe. Looks great! I've never been out on the lake, only all around it... maybe next summer. You know that is Tsunami Chuck's neighborhood as well, right?

I had a really hard time going into a very stiff wind on Lake Champlain with the KS. Not sure what that was all about as I have pretty good luck upwind sailing otherwise. It's almost as if the wind and weather forces on the hull were overpowering the sail. It seemed the best I could do was a perpendicular course to the wind. I ended up paddling straight into the wind and waves because I just wasn't making any headway with the sail. Meanwhile a guy on a sunfish was going so fast he was practically hydroplaning wavetop to wavetop upwind, downwind, across... I found the experience a little frustrating to say the least. Perhaps this is another example of how some ballast forward of the mast may have helped out? I don't know.

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Re: Flotation bags & MK2

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We have now gone off the subject and we should be in the sailing section. When my lee board started "vibrating" i thought it pointless to try anything, so when our season comes around in several months and i have the improved lee board thicker and having a 'foil section" more tests will be done. Sailing in head winds, i usually find it better to paddle into them than try to sail, it isn,t long before i find out i am getting nowhere or even being pushed down wind (a GPS will show you how fast you are going backwards) The sunfish has a wide hull, a daggerboard, and usually a lateen sail of about 75 square feet, the hull design makes planing easy to achive often exceeding the theoretical maximum speed for a boat of it,s length. As i said in the sail section i was able to sail a Pacific Action Sail at 45 degrees into the wind with a long 7 1/4 inch wide lee board, so the Kayaksailor sail should work better. A note on their section will most likly have some good response from Dave or Patti. ( i have sailed down wind with a P A sail at over 15 miles per hour but i would never have been able to sail into it at any angle)

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