The new Long Haul canoe

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The new Long Haul canoe

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I just got off the phone with Mark at Long Haul,talking about the new LH canoe. The design is based upon the classic Long Haul Mark II. With some significant changes. It's a bit beamier than the Mark II, at 36", and instead of the cast fitting/mast partner at the bow end it has a boomerang-type piece at both ends of the cockpit. The result is short decks fore and aft, and an extended, roomy, cockpit. The seats on the canoe are different as well. They sit around 9-10" off the keel, providing a good seating position for paddling.

Mark tells me that he's done several tours in the boat and a lot of fishing- this should be a gat boat for fishermen. They currently have one prototype and two production boats, and he's in the final review stage, deciding if any tweaks are needed to the design. It's too cold to paddle around here now, but Mark has promised me a loaner in The Spring of 2014, and when I get it, I'll report back here.
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Re: The new Long Haul canoe

Post by FrankP »

I saw the prototype of the York at the Chicago Boat Show last Jan. (Wow has it been that long ago)? Also looking back it has been great fun since we became part of the Long Haul family. When I saw the York I was impressed but since I was already set on the MK 2, I was only interested in the construction. Since you can see into the York better I couldn't help but see the quality that goes into their product. At the show they only had the frame of a MK 2 on display along with the York fully set up, a UTE and a MK 1. I was so impressed that as you all know I bought a stretch MK 2.

Mark and his staff have gone way past my expectations in their product as well as their customer service after the sale. As with many products there can be issues in manufacturing. Mine was no exception. I had a deck bow rod that the end fitting was slightly off and wouldn't fit right. Not only did Mark tell me how to fix it so we could use the boat the next day but he sent me a new one right away.

That being said, I am confident the York will be the finest folding canoe built.

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