Customer service award goes too...

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Customer service award goes too...

Post by FrankP »

Mark Echart of Long Haul Folding Kayaks. I called Mark almost at quitting time today with a few questions about installing the BSD 24 HP Sport. It seems the mast hole was just a shade to small. The instructions were difficult to figure out but Mark walked me through the way he installs them. He even went back in the shop to measure where the horn cleats should be screwed on the mast so they won't interfere with the downhaul or wingbone. Oh did I say Mark didn't even sell me the sail? I was able to file out the hole and begin the process. I will finish tomorrow and with any luck at all go out and try out the new sails together.

Thanks again Mark 8)

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Re: Customer service award goes too...

Post by robonaboat »

I will second that. Roberto
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Re: Customer service award goes too...

Post by magicpearl »

Mark has always been fantastic with us, through our entire back door purchase... :D

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