LH Boat cover

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LH Boat cover

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I picked up a LH boat cover for my AII. I love it.

The cover arrived as I was leaving for a couple days of work. My AII was upside down on it's bench so I rolled it over, put the cover on, cinched it up and hit the road. I came back through the periphery rain of Alfred - three solid hours of high speed wiper action on the road - to find this:


It doesn't look like it, but that is several gallons of water... not a drop inside.

Mark put adjustable straps with buckles on both ends and in the center. There's elastic all around to keep a tight fit and both the bow and stern ends have heavy duty strap loops for tie downs.

This cover will be great for traveling as you can store a majority of accessory gear inside the boat rather than in the car.


Unrelated: living under trees can be a total pain. I'm absolutely amazed by the constant rain of spawning and detritus material from these guys. It just never ever stops.

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