kaiaksailor solution

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kaiaksailor solution

Post by jobortega »

I own a Longhaul Quattro and wish to use a kaiaksailor sail. Does anyone know of an installation solution that works?

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Re: kaiaksailor solution

Post by gbellware »

I can't say with certainty, but I believe that the mount that Gerald Grace at KlepperAmerica fabricated will work. https://www.klepperamerica.com/kayaksailor-sail-system/ It is a direct fit for the Klepper kayaks, using a 3-point system with two brackets on the combing and one through the mast hole. I have used one for a few years and it works just fine. I would check with Gerald.

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Re: kaiaksailor solution

Post by jobortega »

The problem is that the set up takes out the front seat. In discussion with the kiaksailor team, they suggest rigging to the foredeck. But the design sloops a few degrees at that point making it necessary to buttress the base with a wedge of some kind. They claim it has been done and that this community can help me design one such gizmo.

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Re: kaiaksailor solution

Post by siravingmon »

Get the bigger sail if you sail in light airs. I have the smaller one and it's pretty wimpy in light winds

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