Long Haul MK1 pics

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Long Haul MK1 pics

Post by DLee »

Was rummaging around my website and found this gallery with some of my MK1 pics. Thought I'd share them in case anyone would like to take a look.


https://www.dennisleephotography.com/De ... /n-zbrQrM/


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john allsop
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Re: Long Haul MK1 pics

Post by john allsop »

Dennis, what a nice boat, if I was younger I would be tempted, I still am, but at 82 this year the sand in the hour glass could very soon run out. And those photos with a lake almost make me wish I had never left Canada. The sea is nice but on a lot of occasions the wind is too strong for me. Although it rarely gets below plus 8c. The sea around us keeps it quite warm in the winter and cool in the summer, although the sea it,s self is cold like Lake Superior.

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Re: Long Haul MK1 pics

Post by Christov10 »

Great photos. What is that paddle you've got secured on the kayak? Length?

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