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Hugh B

Re: Icom M72 vs. M88

Post by Hugh B »

krudave wrote:
I can't get my M88 to select the Land listing of channels, so I probably need to pre-program some channels in there, which I might do when I get the apropos licence!
Have you figured out how to use the land channels? I see your post was from last year.
I just bought an M88 because of the land channels. I was assuming
I could use them on a logging road by tuning in the channel that is posted at the turn off from the hwy onto the logging road.



VHF radio use

Post by kayakerjo »

FYI - in Canada you are required to have a permit to operate a marine VHF radio. The coast guard and/or RCMP can issue fines if you are using the radio without a licence.

Ask around for courses. I know that, in Victoia BC at least, Canadian Power and Sail Squandrons offer a three night course in both spring and fall. It's a great way to learn the proper emergency calling procedures!

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