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Kheya Shunka

Kheya Shunka

Post by Kheya Shunka »

turtle dog..

Retired Navy...

First folder was a FOLBOT Aleut. ... 00005.html

Second FC Big Kahuna... still have... trying to sell

Have been driving the FC Khatsolano this season. ... 07-2.1.jpg

Had a rotomold and HPT mold along the way


Post by Alm »

$1400 seems reasonable for Kahuna with all that options. Jeff, have you already found your ideal foldable kayak? ;-)

Kheya Shunka

The Ideal

Post by Kheya Shunka »

... I really like the Khats. I drop the rolling rib in it most of the time and play greenland. I'm not really into epic camping trips, it has worked fine for trips this year. Pictured Rocks Nat. Lake Shore. Lake Superior water trail. I could go for a couple weeks if I 'needed' too. But 4-5 days has been therapeautic enough as of late.

I was going to keep the Big K, but it is really a waste of good boat to just sit in the garage. It is getting ignored. I only used it twice this summer. That photo of it was on a 150+ loop through quetico/bw in sep 2001. 15 days.

I ignored the Aleut once I got the Big K as well. Sold that to a friend last year.

$1.4K good deal.


Post by nohoval_turrets »

Hi there, and welcome!

Like you I used to paddle the Kahuna, and have now moved to the Khatsalano. Can't resist a couple of questions...

The Kahuna. I notice from your advertisement you have roll bars (thigh braces rather than these, I assume). Do you find these make a big difference when rolling? I could roll with just knee bracing under the deck, but would have liked a more secure anchor.

Inflatable thigh braces... what sort? I have a pair by Radical Gear, but they're not available any more. If you knew of a current source that would be great.

How do you find rolling the Kahuna compared to the Khats? My roll has improved immensely this year, and I've been intending to get back into the Kahuna just to see how it rolls for me now. I haven't done it yet. I'd certainly be interested to know your thoughts, because I found the Kahuna was never an easy boat to roll. Neither is the Khats, but for different reasons I think.

Finally, the Khats. I find it weathercocks, and is difficult to keep straight in a following sea. This has improved with technique, but I'm still not 100% there. Any advice?


Kheya Shunka

I could roll the Kahuna

Post by Kheya Shunka »

without the thigh bracing bars... but it easier with with them.
I have the FC factory inflatable thigh pads, they are still available. Actually once I put in the brace bars, the inflatables were really unnecessary overkill.

I can roll the Kahuna with layback extended sweep both sides, and
the reverse sweep forward recovery both sides. I can't balance, static brace it, I may if I wanted to spend some time in it, but I don't.
I have'nt even tried some of the other rolls, i.e. rolling stick. I have just
been able to get that consistent in the Khats within the last few weeks.

The Khats is pretty good to roll, easier than the Kahuna. I tried a S&G boat that belongs to Cheri Perry at the GL training camp this august. That was a good eye opener for how a rolling boat should feel. I could stick roll it the first try. It took be a month and half to transfer the effect to the Khats.

Yup weather cocking. I was putting the skeg on and a 10lb rock right above where the skeg is at the keel. Lately I have just quit worrying about it. So much has been said about weathercocking, including that greenland style boats wc as a matter of design. Others refute that as a bad design. ??

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