From Sacramento,, here we are

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From Sacramento,, here we are

Post by Mark&Julia »

Hello folks, just picked up a 1978 ( I think) Klepper Aerius II, wood seats, and with a sail outfit with a wood mast. Sail must be a little older, cause the mast is wood, with a gaff?

We live along the Sacramento River, (our backyard, literaly) We've 2 Kiwi Kayaks from Anne Dwyer, but I wanted a bigger one for the ocean and SF Bay, and the Klepper looked great.

It just need minor work, appears seaworthy as is.

Looking forward to this discussion forum.

take care
mark and julia :D


Name change to make computer system happy

Post by MarkandJulia »

Due to weirdness in computer systems we have had to do an offical name change. (we haven't done this since we were married many years ago), so we are now Mark and Julia instead of Mark & Julia.. apparently the fourm program didn't like the use of & in our name

:roll: :wink:

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