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Snap Pins

Post by Adelphos »

I am building a Sea Ranger, ala Yostwerks. Snap Pins are all called out for holding the stringers together. I am planning on using shock cord to pull it all together. Do you all thing snap pins are really neccessary?


Re: Snap Pins

Post by Alm »

I think shock cords just keep the adjacent sections from falling apart, and they also facilitate the assembly because you don't have to think which tube joins which. This is the same in Feathercraft kayaks. Shock cords don't provide a reliable tight joint between two tubes, there will be a lot of play.
If Tom used snap pins (clevis pins?), then you do need them - there is a lot of brain work behind his designs. He only uses those pins in the bow and stern ends, if I'm correct.


Re: Snap Pins

Post by Coastie »

The shock cord is not adequate to hold the stringers together. You need the snap pins, some other mechanism or tape to keep the joint tight. I used snap pins on my Sea Tour 17R build. Unfortunately I didn't order them up front. This added construction time because I had to take each stringer out to drill and place the snap pins. It would have been quicker to drill and place as many as possible prior to building on the strongback.


Re: Snap Pins

Post by suemychin »

Might I suggest using "button clips" if you can get them cheap enough. I may have seen them in one of Toms designs but I know them from my knee operation last year. They are used to adjust the length of crutches and walking aids in the UK so they are strong enough. Once installed you don't need to remove them so they cant be lost and they are very quick and easy to use.

Here they are used to convert two single paddles to a double - ... #extension

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