Rules for posting here

For selling folding kayaks and related items. No eBay links, and no commercial ads, please. Please include an asking price with all For Sale posts. And please mark sold items as SOLD in the header!

(If you make a sale, how about making a small donation to the site?)

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Rules for posting here

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This forum is for selling folding kayaks only, please. You can post other boats in the "Everything else" forum. Private sales only- no dealer sales. And no eBay links. (This includes saying "it's on eBay and you can search for it". ;-) ) Last, please, please post a location- where the boat is- and an asking price. No auctions.

And please mark the item SOLD when it sells, okay? I'm going to start deleting year-old ads with no responses from the seller. Also: No debating the qualities of boats. That belongs elsewhere.

Disclaimer: This is a bulletin board. I'm not a broker. All deals are between the buyer and the seller.

Hints: Use descriptive titles "Kayak for sale" is not a descriptive title. And start a new item for a new sale.

If you sell or buy a boat here, how about making a voluntary contribution to keep the site going? You can click and donate here:

Money donated that way goes straight to web hosting bills, and not to me, which means I don't have to deal with it at tax time.

Or you can PayPal me directly at Even a small contribution helps pay the hosting and connectivity bills.


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