"Overlength" sponsons on Sonnet

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"Overlength" sponsons on Sonnet

Post by rajanski »

Hello I recently startet building a Sonnet 14, and would like to have the Stem areas as nicely filled as the boat the user thomasz has built.
So will there be any problem if using the longer sponsons, even if they are really much to long? I mean they are fixed by the sleeves ant the hull, so what could go wrong?


Re: "Overlength" sponsons on Sonnet

Post by Troy »

Won't work. Something 6" too long won't be able to fully inflate while in a tight-fitting and too-short sleeve. You'll get a "flacid" hull and it'll defeat the purpose.

Most of the 14's out there with ill-fitting ends seem to be that way because they left the tubing that forms the ends too long. You can't go for that Greenland look with the high tips unless you are willing to compromise on the fullness of those tips.

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