Yarra LC offsets

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Yarra LC offsets

Post by cacuff »

I am looking for the Yostwerks Yarra offsets and I am hoping someone on here can help. Pictures of the boat are on the Yostwerks web site but the offsets are not listed. I have emailed Tom on this site as well as his own website but have not yet gotten a response. I know I am a little impatient.

The Boy Scout troop that my son is in want's to build several folding kayaks for the troop and I thought the Yarra LC would be a good one being wider than most on the Yostwerks site.

Any help would be appreciated.

Grayson, GA (Atlanta)


Re: Yarra LC offsets

Post by Yostwerks »

I know I am a little impatient.
I sent you an email response this AM.

If you are impatient by nature, then a long term folding kayak building project with a troop of Boy Scouts
may be a recipe for disaster :wink:



Re: Yarra LC offsets

Post by weimar »

Hello Tom,I believe you where planning to get to New Zealand late last year? early this year? with a combi folder?

Did you get there? How did the boat go?

Just got back from 5 days on the South Island at Doubtful Sound. Magic place.



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