Problem with Yakima Racks

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Re: Problem with Yakima Racks

Post by Yostwerks »

On my truck, I use J-carriers to transport both folding and hardshell kayaks as it has a 6ft separation between bars and is quite stable on the highway.

However, on my car, the 30" bar separation is far too narrow in my opinion so earlier this year I purchased a Burnham rowing shell rack system that provides
8ft separation after attaching to the Yakima or Thule bars. The rack base is made of 3" X 2" aluminum rectangular tubing and
the carriers are 1/4" aluminum plate.

What makes this system especially useful for folder transport are it's soft sling cradles. The cradles are comprised of a strap covered
in dense foam with a cloth sleeve. This effectively suspends the boats with no hard contact points.

Below is a Link with pics... Sorry, no folder pics, but I've carried both my 4-sponson Sonnet, and no sponson Sea Rider folders so far.

Cheers, Tom

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Re: Problem with Yakima Racks

Post by DLee »

Nice rig Tom, thanks for the tip. Here's a link to their site: ... op+Systems

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Re: Problem with Yakima Racks

Post by Yostwerks »

Nice rig Tom, thanks for the tip. Here's a link to their site:
A couple of points to consider regarding Burnham...

1. They make two sling sizes, a 14" wide(racing shells) and a 19" wide(recreational shells). The 19" like mine
may not be wide enough for large doubles from Klepper, Folbot, etc, even at 8ft separation.
My kayaks are all pretty narrow, including the folders.

2. Burnham's customer service is nearly non existent ... at least in my case.
It was 2 months from the day I ordered it till I got it, and my inquiries regarding the problem
went unanswered until I threatened to cancel the order. Not a great way to run a business.
Next time, I'll just make it myself.

Here's the J-carrier setup I prefer on my trucks. The Sonnet 16 has 2 Folbot sponsons per side and I keep them
about 3/4 inflated during transport. The boat weighs 19 lbs, so it's a light load on the racks.


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