Suggestions for Float Bags for Feathercraft Wisper XP?

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Suggestions for Float Bags for Feathercraft Wisper XP?

Post by yape »

Hi, does anyone have suggestions for float bags for Feathercraft kayak? :D

I’m looking for 2 float bags for my Feathercraft Wisper XPS(Length x Beam = 15′ 7″ x 23.5″), one for stern end and one for bow end.

Since I don’t usually have a lot of gear stowing in dry bags to fill my kayak, I think I should get the large size float bags. If I need to stow more gears, I can just partially inflate the bags, and get more storage space.

FC factory has designed float bags for their kayak, but the price is high… :cry:
I’m now considering NRS float bags, they seem to be very durable and light-weighted, plus a lifetime warranty, and the prices are relatively fair to me.

But NRS float bags are designed for creek/recreational kayaks, which are significantly wider than my slender Wisper XP.

FC bags inflated size (which I assumed is suited for Wisper XP):
Large:49" L x 17" W x 9" H
or Small:32" L x 17" W x 9" H (seems too short for Wisper XP)

ImageImage ... oat%20Bags

NRS Standard Float Bag inflated size:
Large:47" L (a little shorter is OK)x 24" W (almost 1.5 times wider…! :oops: )
Medium: 37" L x 19"W (the width is OK, but don't know whether 37" L is enough or not?)


Maybe I should get a pair of NRS Split Stern Bags, and use it for both ends? :roll:

NRS Split Stern Bags inflated size:
28"L x 13"W(seems not wide enough to fill the kayak room...) at top, 3"W at bottom

Image ... eptid=1760

Any suggestions ?

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Re: Suggestions for Float Bags for Feathercraft Wisper XP?

Post by maryinoxford »

When I had a Wisper, I bought a pair of fairly cheap bags that were bigger than the space to be filled, and simply never inflatated them fully. I never had to deal with a swamped boat, so maybe someone with more experience will tell me I'm wrong, but I don't see why float bags need to be inflatated tight, or to the bag's maximum capacity. It's just a contained volume of air, filling space that would otherwise get filled with water in the case of a swamping.

I used to partly-inflate my bags, put them into the frame and tie them to the bow/stern before putting the frame into the skin. The air tubes reached to the hatches, so once the boat was assembled, I could finish blowing up the bags as far as they wanted to go, without distorting the skin.

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Re: Suggestions for Float Bags for Feathercraft Wisper XP?

Post by tsunamichuck »

The bags made for Mariner Kayaks are large and durable ... ywords=all
Can also try NWOC to get them. Mariner Kayaks were fiberglass hardshell that did not use bulkheads and the Broze brothers advocated float bags and seasocks. I use one about 20 years old in my Express.
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Re: Suggestions for Float Bags for Feathercraft Wisper XP?

Post by siravingmon »

Brian Schulz at Cape Falcon Kayaks also strongly recommends the Spirit line float bags over all others (he was quite passionate about them on the course I did with him) and uses their combination float bags/dry bags in his F1s. ... bcombo.htm

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Re: Suggestions for Float Bags for Feathercraft Wisper XP?

Post by mje »

Canoe bags can be a good solution. They're oversize, but that just means when inflate them as must as you can they'll fill all available spaces and lock themselves in place.
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