Dinghy versions?

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Dinghy versions?

Post by rsweigle »

Did Nautiraid produce a craft doable for sailing/rowing/motor foldable something like the Klepper Master worth obtaining? If so, who could produce a new skin or hull?

I know that these hybrids built by Klepper are borderline performers so would this be true of the Nautiraid dingy?
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Re: Dinghy versions?

Post by ChrisO »


I only know of their current dinghy, which they call a Coracle.
It is available in three versions (190, 250 and 300). Lengths are 6', 8' and 10'. The longest version can have a sail rig.
See Seda's listing:
http://www.sedapaddlesports.com/product ... ing-dinghy

Beyond that, I am not familiar with them. I do think they would make an interesting sail boat tender.


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