Kyling folding Kayak project available !!!!!!!

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Kyling folding Kayak project available !!!!!!!

Post by lee »

I went to the place where my Kyling is stored and realised that the damp is getting to it ! - It was in the dry for the best part of 40years but the garage it was kept in was knocked down at the start of this year - It has since been under a tarpaulin - This has made me think and I now realise that it has to go ! I have nowhere to keep it and time is against me what with this damp.

The thing is complete but annoyingly was used in the sea last time it was used (in the 70's). When I tried to assemble it in the summer 1 of the clips came off because the rivets that hold the clip to the wood have corroded due I would guess to the sea water - So restoring would probably mean drilling out a few of the clips and reriviting them back in place. The skin looks ok but the join at the front could do with some attention..

Is anyone out there after taking on such a project ?

It is located in the south London suburbs

Let me know and make me an offer !

Photos available

Thanks LEE.

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Re: Kyling folding Kayak project available !!!!!!!

Post by idc »

Hi Lee,
I'm trying to resist taking on any more projects. I've a few already to keep me busy for a while. But it would still be great to see some photos. I know nothing about the Kyling folding kayak.
All the best,

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