New project: 8ft folding canoe. Pvc stringers

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Re: New project: 8ft folding canoe. Pvc stringers

Post by davefman1984 »

I took the boat up a nearby canyon to a place the locals call "kids pond" because traditionally its stocked with trout for kids to catch and most adults respect the tradition. Calm water and not very deep. The boat worked well and held my 185 lbs without issue. Later I let my 4 yr old sit in front of me and it still did great. He weighs 45 lbs. It took a total of 230 lbs. I dont think I would push it much beyond that. The skin was great and never leaked a drop of water. It held tight and never got loose. I still dont love the assembly time although this time was faster than the last. The boat tracks very straight, almost too straight because its kind of hard to turn. It might easier with a kayak paddle. I was using a canoe paddle. Im happy with the results. The only thing I didnt love was that it felt a little more tipsy than other boats ive used but I have never used a purist kayak. Ive only used casual recreation models with wider beam and flatter bottom. Any one know if its possible to post a video?
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Re: New project: 8ft folding canoe. Pvc stringers

Post by scotjack »

Congratulations on completing your project. I am impressed, and have really enjoyed following your progress.
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Re: New project: 8ft folding canoe. Pvc stringers

Post by JohnSand »

Yeah, I love this. Congratulations on your success. I am not a naval architect, but I have owned many boats and read about them all my life. The boat should turn easier with more rocker in the bottom, fore and aft curve. Deeply immersed chines also add course stability, especially hard chines.
Still, it's a successful build. I usually take a couple of attempts to create something new.

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