Scrapping a couple of pre-98 K1's

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Scrapping a couple of pre-98 K1's

Post by popeye4 »

I have two K1's from pre-98 (not exactly sure of the manufacturing date, I bought them used off of eBay). The Cordura decks have degraded from UV exposure to the point of no longer being seaworthy, and I have been unable to find anyone who can do a deck replacement. Alas, that means the skins are headed to the dump (the hypalon will probably last another 10,000 years). :(

I therefore have hardware for both of them. If anyone needs parts, please feel free to PM me. Not looking to make a ton of money, just cover shipping expenses. I don't really want to throw it all in the metal recycling dumpster.....

Unless, of course, someone knows who could replace the decks..... Hope springs eternal.


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Re: Scrapping a couple of pre-98 K1's

Post by tsongus »

Hello. Will you aell just the coaming? Thanks.

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Re: Scrapping a couple of pre-98 K1's

Post by idc »

I would be amazed if the decks can't be replaced by someone with the right sewing machine and glues. LongHaul is usually mentioned as a good place to go when people ask this question with regard to Kleppers. It might be worth asking if they can do your K1s. (Or someone more knowledgeable than me may pop up in a moment and give you better directions.)
I think you are doing the right thing trying to keep as much as possible out of landfill. Good luck.

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Re: Scrapping a couple of pre-98 K1's

Post by craigfossc »

Greetings Doug! Is your hardware & frames still available? You may call me at twoohsix nine7two 8oneone9. Thank you, Craig

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