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Post by grizzly7 »

Hi folks, found this website by accident after much searching for the "best" boat for me :)
I live on the Scottish coast and want my first kayak to be inflatable, safe, long lasting, efficient, big enough for my son and I, brightly coloured some days and sneaky covert on others. Deck and a rudder options.
All in one boat, nice and cheap, available locally. With an onboard solar powered Nespresso machine.

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Re: Hiya

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

I know your post is tongue in cheek, but a Pakboat XT-19 would suit all your requirements but the Nespresso machine (Pakboats have inflatable structural sponsons). Just buy an extra deck and paint it camo........

Not cheap, but always "local" when a kayak can be shipped in a box.

Just sayin......
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