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Hello all. I've been kayaking around the midwest of the USA (Ankeny, Iowa) lately when time permits which has been limited to working to many hours. The most fun I've had when out in the Aleutians out toward Unalaska/Dutch Harbor where I worked for 8 years in and out off of fishing boats. Lots of fun, wildlife, and sea conditions. I've paddled a Feathercraft K1 expedition most of the years but found I need to find a boat that can accommodate my longer legs and size 12 feet. Also found a skeg is more to my liking that a rudder or just nothing out back at all. More than likely this kayak is going up for sale and I can find something that will fit me so I can get out kayaking soon. I'm also getting into paddle boarding so I can get into hard to reach areas where the crowds aren't around. I have a wife and daughter that are slowly learning how to kayak as well. Look forward to reading through the info your site provides. Have a great day!

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Hi, welcome to the forum.
Sounds like you would have some good stories to tell, given where you use to work. I am surprised that you felt you needed more room in the K-1. I own one, have long legs and size 11 1/2 feet, and I feel there is a ton of room for me. Very high volume. I was actually fine in my K-Light when I owned it but my toes did slightly protrude into the soft deck.
Great to see your family getting involved in kayaking! Hopefully their passion for it will grow.

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