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Re: Kayak and Gear Transportation

Post by Christov_Tenn »

Does it run on diesel?


Re: Kayak and Gear Transportation

Post by Christov_Tenn »

I looked up some pictures - extremely boxy, even when compared to the 200 or 700 series cars :)


Re: Kayak and Gear Transportation

Post by Vildmannen »

No, unfortunatly it's a gasoline engine. The Volvo B30, a 3 liter straight six cylinder engine, very sturdy and reliable but a thirsty one, and the "less than ideal" aerodynamic design of the vehicle dosen't really help with mileage either! :D

But it's a 35 year old construction, so guess the diesel engines of that time were not considered very good or reliable, and the B30 was already in production, it's the same engine as in the Volvo 164 by the way, but slightly tuned for more torque over speed.

But with the small amount of usage it get's, the fuel cost is pretty much balanced out by the cheaper insurance and the fact that you don't pay any tax here in Sweden for car more than 30 years old.

There is however a bigger six wheeled model called "Tgb 13" that would be even more fun to own, but I have yet to find the courage to start negotiations with the wife on that one...

Some links I found:

Six wheeler: "Tgb 13"

"Convertible" (Originally a tank destroyer with a big gun or anti tank missile) "Tgb 1111"

/ Vildmannen


Re: Kayak and Gear Transportation

Post by Svejk »

Great thread: the Most Interesting I've read on numerous forums.

Jim Rogers ( a wall street investment guru) traveled around the World in his book "Adventure Captialist" in a custom made Mercedes Benz: a SLK Body on a short G-wagen chassis. I can't find the Quote but he choose the Brand becuase it was popular with 3rd world despots and other well to do classes around the world. Plus, it would be a converstion starter.


Re: Kayak and Gear Transportation

Post by dogpaddle »

I am currently transporting my Kayak's with my jeep. Depending on where I go I have the option to put them on the roof or tow them behind on a utility trailer. Since I am usually traveling with a few people I tend to use the trailer. Overall the transport doesn't seem to be an issue on difficult terrain.

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