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Lake Superior

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My wife and I took our trusty Long Haul Mk2 out from the boat launch near Presque Isle. There is a huge structure just S of the ramp used by the electric utility for coal that comes in by train and Great Lake ships that dwarf us as we paddle out inside the breakwater. There is an automated lighthouse at the end of perhaps a 1/2 long breakwater. It seems less enchanting and a reminder of days gone by when manned lighthouses were there to guide ships.
As we turned north at the light we saw 3-4 foot choppy swells. My first thought was maybe we should turn back. The a wells made it seem like being in a washing machine on the east side of Presque Isle. Soon the feeling of calm crept in due to the security I felt in the MK2.Cheri had the sail up so that kept her busy and I paddled diagonally toward the cliffs along the shoreline. We passed the area where kids jump from the cliffs into the 68 degree water of Lake Superior. Looks like fun until you hit the water. We paddled on past the north end of the Isle where the most damage from the waves over milennia after milennia of fierce waves wash up on these ancient cliffs. Passing between the mainland and rocks we set off to investigate Little Presque Isle. It is a grouping of small rocky islands about a mile in the bay. The water is so clear you can see rocks deep in the water.
We paddle back to Presque Isle under sail but the wind was not with us this day so we dropped it and paddled on. We couldn't help but notice 2 kayaks making their way along the rocky coast. We passed them as they wisely decided the kayaks they were in were no match for the choppy waves. We headed back past the somewhat less than charming light into 1 foot waves. Cheri put up the sail but the wind was still light. We noticed the coal ship that was at the terminal was gone and it was the ship we saw heading west as we made the crossing from Little Presque to Presque Isl
We had a wonderful time and even though tired we were full of admiration of the beauty of Lake Superior and Presque Isle.
We paddled close to the cliffs that towered over the lake by at least 100 ft. I couldn't help thinking the people on the cliffs either thought we were nuts or were under I. They watched for a minute and then disappeared into the trees on toe top of the Isle.
Paddling past the somewhat less than charming light at the end of the breakwater we found waves about 1 foot high all the way back to the ramp. We noticed the coal ship was gone from the terminal and realized the ship we saw earlier on our crossing from Little Presque.
We followed the cliffs closer on the way back to better see the cliffs. Some seemed over a hundred feet high. I couldn't help but think the people on the cliff must have either thought we were nuts or that we were under control I the waves. They watched for a minute then disappeared back into the trees.
We had to paddle back to the light at the end of the breakwater where the waves subsided to 1-2 feet

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Re: Lake Superior

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Nice report .Always a feeling of accomplishment when one paddles successfully in gnarley seas and wind .

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