Tour of Southeast Alaska Complete

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Tour of Southeast Alaska Complete

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Hey All,

Just wanted to say thanks to those from this site that helped me pull off this dream trip of mine this past summer. It took a little under 2 months to paddle ~700 miles from Ketchikan to Juneau following a zig-zag route to the outer coast of Chichagof where I was hunting down some family history. A truly wild experience! I used a Feathercraft K1 that I fell in love with over the course of the trip. I had never paddled waters of this magnitude before, and now I am itching to move myself farther west so I can have more constant access.

I put together a little photo series of the trip for those who are interested (don't worry, I just picked some of my favorites so you wouldn't have to wade through hundreds of pics). I broke it up into 5 themes, the last theme is where I tried to stand exactly where my great-grandfather was 100 years ago when he lived in Southeast Alaska and took photos.

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Re: Tour of Southeast Alaska Complete

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Awesome Pics thanks for sharing!

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