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Kapitän von Klepper

Pisco Sour

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Kayak camping often is a great place to break out the brewskis etc. after a long day of paddling. The recipe I'm most commonly hounded for is "Pisco Sours" (No, I'm not going argue the pet rivalry between Chileans and Peruvians as to its origin, -it's a fine drink where ever it comes from!

For quick and easy while kayak camping:

1 part Pisco Capel*
1 part Freshies Sour Mix, -I've had good results w/ other brands of lemon/lime sour mixes however.
Add egg white for authenticity for every 4 servings.

Shake well in a martini shaker.
Pour over crushed ice.

For more authenticity do 2 parts Pisco to 1 part sour mix, but -Danger! Danger! Will Robinson! I've had complaints from the neighbours that this is too strong.

*This is the most common available brand in Chile and Denver (or London) but Peruvians would probably steer you to another brand.

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I used to like a shot of Yukon Jack in a mug of hot tea.

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