innova vs pakboat for tracking

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Re: innova vs pakboat for tracking

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

Sorry to hear about your headaches with the Puffin 2. I've got a vintage Puffin 1 (2004) and it's a piece of cake to assemble, have also owned Pakboat XT, Swift and Quest models. I generally like Pakboats but their assembling instructions suck.

I've created photo and narrative "essays" with all the steps and tricks for assembling the Quest 135 and XT-15 to assist other owners and posted them here and on Flickr albums. However I am not familiar with what might be the quirks of your tandem. I did look up the assembly manual and it looks identical to my Puffin solo. But I do know that Pakboat tended to change models slightly over the years so it may have been a case of the skin and frame being from different eras. I ran into that when I ordered a replacement deck for the Puffin and the one they sent me (assuring me it would fit after I had given them the serial number) was a full 3" too short. I had to cut it in half and stitch in a splice section to be able to use the boat.

I admit your trouble surprises me because of the 7 folders I have owned, that older Puffin is the easiest to and most intuitive to assemble and one I have never had to check the instructions for since the first set up 7 years ago.

I have been trying to visualize what you mean by "pulling the skin up to the gunwales". Do you mean that when you try to connect the ribs it seems like they are too tall to clip into the gunwales on both sides? I am not doubting at all that your problem is real and due to the boat itself, just really want to understand what is going wrong since I am often advising people new to PakBoats.

IS this your model? ... in-Ii.html
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Re: innova vs pakboat for tracking

Post by cvin »

yes that is my model, is that what yours looks like?

any help would be greatly appreciated

i used the wrong term

i got the gunwales into the sides- but one thing i noticed is both of those have a slight bend at one end and i am not sure where that goes, front or back

the gunwales were tight and i could not twist them to try and get that even... thinking there must be a way to put a none damaging lubricant in there to make them slide easier???

got those in and then put on the gunwale terminators- from this point i could get one end of the boat skin over a terminator or the other end but never both
did not get anywhere near the inside pieces although to me they look easier

this is a long boat to do by yourself...

maybe there is a trick, but was worried i would damage it pulling on it so hard...

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