Airis 10 for fishing

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Airis 10 for fishing

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Greetings all from a newby. Thought I'd share some brief thoughts on what turned out to be a lucky choice of boats for flat-water fishing and crabbing on the Chesapeake. Last year I bought an Airis Sport 10 and was very happy with its stiffness and speed (for a short inflatable, that is). What I later liked about it for lake fishing were 2 things I hadn't considered: First off, as an inflatable SOT it's very easy to rotate in the seat 90 degrees in either direction, dangle my legs in the water (plenty of stability for that) and therefore fish in 270 degrees or more, without repositioning the boat. Second, the Sport 10 has a round storage compartment just aft of the seat that fits a 5-gallon plastic bucket perfectly. Now I can catch the delicious blue crab from a kayak and have someplace to put him where he can't chew on my toes. I don't keep fish, but if I did I could use the bucket as a sort of live well (changing the water frequently, of course). Regards to all


Re: Airis 10 for fishing

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Also worth noting that there is no covered area for storing gear so anything you have on board will get wet. Definitely store your essentials in a dry bag to keep them safe.

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