Ocean kayak fishing for the clueless.

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Ocean kayak fishing for the clueless.

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I have a nice Mont bell Ellesmere kayak that I outfitted with a rod holder. I can hold two rods on my deck with them crossing and angled about 45 degrees forward, 45 degrees up; enough to clear the paddle and still be accessible. I'm facing one small problem; I have no clue how to fish on the ocean :}

Is there an ocean Kayak fishing 101 article out there somebody could recommend? I'm not completely hopeless; I do pond bass fishing (Texas rig, spinners, and jigs) and ocean mackerel is easy enough but they are too small on my neck of the woods. Speaking of my neck of the woods I'm in northern Japan; I paddle on theAomori bay and the Pacific ocean.

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Re: Ocean kayak fishing for the clueless.

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There are a whole bunch of great kayak fishing forums around. This one is oriented more towards folks with folding kayaks and the particular issues of fishing from them.

I'm guessing that you'd be best trolling or drifting for ocean fishing. Might be nice to have one conventional reel and one spinning reel on board so that if you do come upon top water action you can cast through it with the spinning rod. That would be a ton of fun.

Give thought to what you'll be fishing for and be prepared to land fish with teeth and sharp spines, so shorter rods might be helpful.

You'll also want to be able to stow the rods so you can handle rough seas and fish the rods one at a time.

Check out some real fishing forums... There's a ton of info out there.

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