Inflatables while fishing?

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Re: Inflatables while fishing?

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For what it's worth, the initial reason I got my first Feathercraft in 2004 was to fish in the California delta, and since then I've been all over the place in Feathercrafts and Aire inflatables. I use big nasty treble hooks and speed jigs with chemically sharpened hooks, and have -- so far! -- dealt with a 93 pound tarpon, a 40 pound halibut, and a 33 pound yellowtail without puncture mishaps. I even use a three-foot long handheld gaff, though it may be too dull to pop a sponson.

The Aire Lynx boats I use have a very tough outer skin. As other folks have said, if you get a quality boat, your worries will be fewer.

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